Frequently Asked Questions

Do your dogs come with any kind of guarantee?

Yes! We take a lot of pride in breeding healthy dogs, and we stand by our dogs with a one year genetic health waranty. We also offer a 3 year health guarantee for families who feed Pawtree Dog Food because we believe that much in high quality food for our pets. All of our puppies go home with their first of three rounds of shots and a clear fecal sample, putting them well on track for a healthy life. We also know the transition to a new home is hard and provide a 30 day Health issurance policy for each puppy going home. We also have the option to send families home with a full go home package that offers training if interested!

How early can I take home my puppy?

The earliest we allow our dogs to go home is eight weeks after birth. This allows time for puppies to receive their first round of shots at the vet, have their dew claws removed and have enough time with their mother to feel comfortable moving to a new home on their own.

What is the difference between AKC and CKC certification?

The American Kennel Club (AKC), and Continental Kennel Club (CKC), are the two largest kennel clubs in America. Of the two certifications, AKC is nearly universally considered to be more presitgious. Unfortunately, since the AKC only certifies pure breed dogs, and a doodle is a mix of two breeds, doodles are not eligible for AKC certification. Fortunately, the CKC does recognize the doodle breed, allowing us to offer certified dogs, complete with a detailed pedigree chart outlining the dogs blood lines.

With so many shelter dogs available, why should I choose a breeder?

All dogs deserve a good home, but not all homes are a good fit for a rescue dog. Many dogs that end up in shelters have been badly neglected, or abused. For many, this is all the more reason to offer them a loving home. Unfortunately, in some cases, neglect and abuse is a precursor to sickness, and erratic, or even violent behavior. While this is not always the case, purchasing a dog from a reputable breeder offers owners the comfort of knowing their dog has always been properly cared for, and hasn't been exposed to any behaviors that woud cause the dog to be violent. In addition, some homes (like ours) suffer from pet alergies. Unlike most dogs, poodles are hypoallergenic, and when breed with another breed (Golden Retrievers, Labradors, etc.) their offspring typically inherit that trait, making the joy of dog ownership available to everyone.

How much do I need to put down to reserve a puppy?

Nearly everyone loves the idea of having a new puppy to play with, but owning a dog is a serious commitment. To make sure that those who reserve a puppy are serious about their decision, we require a $250 non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy in the next litter. We know that many who are looking for a puppy with a certain color or gender so if we do not have the puppy you are looking for we can always bump you to the next litter and give you higher priority.

What do you feed your dogs?

All of our dogs are raised on AASCO approved dog food to ensure that they receive a balanced diet with all of the essential nutrients needed to properly develop. While nutrition is our top priority, our dogs are feed on a holistic, high density, high quality, dog food that has never been recalled! We use Pawtree and feel its worth feeding our dogs food that is made without fillers and focuses on solutions to pet allergies and picky eating! We believe it makes a huge difference in our pets lives that we offer and extended heath warrenty for those who feed Pawtree!

Are your dogs AKC certified?

Since the AKC only registers dogs that come from a pure blood line, and doodles are by nature a mix of two breeds, none of our golden doodles are AKC certified. However, Lizzie and Millie (two of our Dams) are AKC registered poodle, and Jane (one of our dams) is an F1 golden doodle breed from an AKC registered poodle, and an AKC registered golden retriever. All of our puppies are eligible for CKC registration.

Are your puppies socialized?

Of course! While we take breeding very seriously, we also love to let our five young children experience the joy of caring for animals. Not only does this help our children learn responsibility, but it ensures that the puppies born in each liter are socialized, and comfortable with children and adults alike when it's time to meet their new families. We also follow the Puppy Culture Training which focuses on helping our puppies be exposed to different situations and experiences so they are ready to adapt to family life with out fear.

I live out of the area, do you ship your dogs?

While we're willing to consider this option in certain circumstances, our experience has been that shipping puppies without a handler is pretty tough on the puppy. Our highest priority is the health and comfort of our puppies, so if there is a need to have your puppy travel to you, we suggest using TLC Flight Nanny or Fuzzy Fur Baby Flight Nanny, which is a flight nanny, to help in those situations. Any cost that is incurred for having your puppy flown, is the cost of the new puppy owner and is an additonal fee but we would be happy to work with you to get everything scheduled! It is typically a flat fee of $550 but it is a great option for those who can not travel themselves! Since they are a third party, we would love to help get all of the arrangements made but payments will be directly paid to flight nanny through Venmo or Paypal when reservations are confirmed! For those that live close to Utah, do offer local delivery at an additional fee. We want to make sure the puppies are comfortale so we personally hand deliver to Las Vegas ($175), Salt Lake City ($275) or deliver to Los Angeles ($375) and other locations upon request and depending on availability.

When is final payment due?

A non-refundable down payment of $250 is required to reserve a puppy, and full-payment is due ten days before pick-up.

I'm allergic to dogs, will I be allergic to a doodle?

Unfortunately this question is hard to answer. In our home, Brandon has a dog allergy, and has difficulty breathing around most dogs. However, both poodles, and doodles are non-shedding, hypoallergenic dogs. For Brandon, the symptoms nearly entirely disappeared, but the reality is that this isn't always the case. If you're concerned about how you'll be affected with your allergy, you're welcome to come by and play with the liter and see how you feel before you place a deposit.

What veterinary care will I need to provide when I purchase my puppy?

We do everything we can to send you out the door with a puppy that's ready to be enjoyed. Before you arrive we'll make sure your puppy has been dewormed, recieved their first round of shots, had all dew claws removed, been cleared by a vet, and had their tail docked (for poodles). Additionally, we place all of our puppies on an early neurological stimulation program that has been shown to increase cardiovascular preformance, provide stronger adrenal glands, increase stress tollerance, and provide greater resistance to disease. While this puts you well on your way, you'll still be responsible for the second and third rounds of shots, and we strongly recommend that you have your dog exammined by your personal vet within 72 hours of taking them home to certify their health.

What is the difference in an F1, F1B and a F1BB doodle?

The main reason that people breed doodles is to get the non-shedding, hypoallergenic nature of a poodle, with the look of another breed. When two breeds are mixed, scientists have developed the filial classification system to easily identify a dogs lineage. An example will help explain how it works. When a purebreed poodle, and a purebread golden retriever mate, the result is an F1 goldendoodle. An F1B goldendoodle is produced when an F1 goldendoodle is breed with a pure breed poodle. In this example, an F1 goldendoodle is 50% poodle, 50% golden retriever, while an F1B is 75% poodle, and 25% golden retriever. Then and F1BB would be 87% poodle, and 13% golden retriever. This same pattern applies to other dog breeds, as well as cats, cattle, and plants.

When and how will I pick my puppy?

We love that families want to begin building an emotional connection with their puppy and we understand that picking your forever family member is very difficult from afar! We try our best at Picture Perfect Doodles to help you connect in any way we can! We love taking pictures of every puppy and updating our Facebook and Instagram page (@pictureperfectdoodles) so that you can see them develop and see their features as they grow! We try our best to post daily! We also use an app called Marco Polo to give you updates with playful videos and try to give you a glimpse into their growing personalities so that you can make an educated pick when its your chance. Pick of puppies happens in order of when a deposit was placed. If you were to be the first to place a deposit on the litter, you would recieve first pick! If you were the fourth family to place a deposit, your family would be the fourth pick, and so on. This is why it is so important that if you are ready to make the commitment, you place your deposit as quickly as you can! We can not hold puppy placement pick until after a deposit is recieved. We encourage families to make their decision as quickly as they can but ask that by five or six weeks of age puppy pick is finalized so other families can become excited and plan for their future family member!

What comes home with my puppy?

We know that many new families are so excited to bring their puppy home and dont know where to begin when they bring a puppy home. When your puppy leaves our home, we want them to start off on the right foot so we send each puppy home with... *Full vaccination record for puppy and health certificate from Vet *First set of Vaccinations and deworming at 8 weeks *Puppies dew claws removed at 3 days old *One month health insurance policy for puppy though Trupanion *Potty Training on synthetic grass since 3 weeks of age *One month subscription to Poop School to help start potty Training *First 8 weeks of puppy culture training performed *SugglePuppy brand puppy with littermates scent for easy transition *Began crate *ENS stimulation performed from days 3-16 *Copy of Contract Agreement *Small bag of puppy food for transition *Brush for grooming *Lots and Lots of socializing with many children and adults If you are curious what some of our favorite products are for your new puppy, feel free to check out out our Must Have Puppy Supplies If you are looking at puppy training for your new pup, we highly suggest Baxter & Bella online training school and you can learn more about that on our Training and Support Page!