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Available Puppies!

These sweet F1bb puppies will be heading home January 27th! All puppies will come home with a Snuggle Puppy with mom and litter mates scent, small bag of dog food, collar, one month subscription to Poop School, one free month of health insurance through Trupanion, and having started Puppy Culture Training at three days old.

Pricing: $2,200

(Free Delivery to Las Vegas Jan. 28th

Hand delivery to any international airport)

Black (Male)- Reserved

Black is a lighter red color and has markings on his chest, chin, and his nose! He is expected to be about 35 lbs full grown and is going to be quite curly. He is confident and playful and loves to snuggle my kiddos. He is the first to jump into new experiences and is such a social little butterfly.


Yellow (male)- Reserved!

Yellow is the lightest in color and probably the curliest of the litter. He is playful and wants attention. He is a spunky little guy and is the first to try things. He is a little chunker and will most likely be 35 lbs full grown.

Blue (Male)

Blue is the chunky monkey! He is one of the bigger in the litter and is so funny. He loves to be the center of attention and is becoming quite the cuddle buddy. He is calm and enjoys watching from the sidelines. He is a dark red and has a few white spots on his forehead, chest, and paws. He has learned that the best way to get my attention is to sit for me and is getting so good at it!.

Pink (Female)- Reserved!

Pink might just be my favorite! I know i shouldn't but i do! She is the first born puppy and is tiny thing weighing in at a little over three pounds. She has a dark red coat and is curly. She is playful and cuddly and has the brightest eyes! She loves to find the perfect spot on your lap and is happy to stay there!

Green (Male)-Reserved

Green is dark red with a few white markings on his paws, chin, nose and a little heart on his forehead. He has a lighter curl and a calm personality. He loves watching his siblings play and enjoys the calm! He is expected to grow to about 30 lbs.

Orange (Female)- Reserved!

Orange is so sweet! She has a lighter coat and is the least curly of the litter. She is a solid red and has a little white patch under her chin! She is calm and cuddly and so quiet. She is the playful and loves trying new toys out!

White (Female)-Reserved!

White is such a sweet little thing! She is the smallest puppy and is a little more timid. We expect her to be about 25 lbs full grown. She  has a small white patch on her chest. She has a cute curl and we expect that she will have a medium curl. 

Brown (Male)- Reserved

Brown is the smallest male puppy. We expect him to be about 30 lbs full grown. He has a very loose curl and is so sweet. He is a lighter red coat and loves to play. He loves being with people and does all he can to get cuddles.

Purple (female)- Reserved!

Purple is a solid red coat and is very curly. She is our biggest female so we expect her to be 30 lbs full grown. She is calm and is very layed back. She doesnt mind watching from the sidelines and is happy to play on her own. She loves food and is the first to eat! She loves watching movies with the kiddos!

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