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At Picture Perfect Doodles, we try our hardest to breed healthy, trainable, and well-adjusted puppies. When we began with our dogs years ago, we struggled to find breeders that kept us updated and informed on how our puppy was doing while it was taken care of for the first eight weeks. We wanted to visit frequently but we did not live close enough to have that luxury but we still wanted to feel like we knew our puppy when she came home. At Picture Perfect Doodles that is what we aim to do! We want to make sure that you know your puppy though you are not with her daily so we try our best to have video cameras that live stream so you can check-in when you need a puppy fix and we try our best to post frequent Picture Perfect pictures so you don't miss out on how fast your puppy is growing and developing. We know that all new puppy owners have lots of questions and concerns and we want to help you through all of those as you add another member to your family! For more info on us click on our picture below!

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